Diving Equipment

SMACO S500 0.7Liter Scuba Diving Tank Equipment, Mini Scuba Dive Cylinder with 13-18 Minutes Capability


$ 339.00

Smaco Sports Goods Co.,Ltd.

Smaco Sports Goods Co.,Ltd.

Item Name: SMACO S500 Mini Scuba Oxygen Tank 
Material: Aviation aluminum/PC/ food grade silicone
Product size: 37.6 cm height x 7 cm dia.
Pressure: 3000 psi/200 bar
Capacity: 0.7L

What's in the package: 

                           1  X  SMACO S500 Scuba Diving Tank Equipment with mouthpiece

                           1  X  Portable Bag

                           1  X  Anti-lose Rope

                           1  X  New Generation Hand Pump

                           1  X  Premium Cloth Suitcase