Respirator S300 - Underwater diving up to 10 minutes

2019-08-22 11:22:11 0

There have many people who yearn for the sea and want to know and feel by diving. But because the traditional diving method is difficult to operate, unless instructed by professional coaches, it is very difficult for beginners to complete diving. So SMACO has developed the underwater respirator S300 in particular. After experiencing many difficulties, the first generation. The water lung respirator S300 was finally launched in June, 2018, and achieved good results in November

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Respirator S300 Simple introduction:

It can be used underwater for 5 to 10 minutes (the length of time varies depending on individual vital capacity, depth of water, temperature and pressure).

· Edible and environmentally friendly silica gel bites healthy and odorless;

· Bottle body and bottle head are 6061 aviation aluminium, compressive and durable

· 0.5L bottle body, hand-held, compact and portable

· All Stainless Steel Luminous Pressure Gauge Pressure Resistance and Corrosion Resistance

· Double-filtered aerated filters make the air cleaner and breathe more comfortable.

· Breathing head and bottle body can be detached and brought to the aircraft

· Perfect accessories and easy operation

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No matter where you are, no matter who you are, you can enjoy the charm of the sea, swim underwater, feel sports and live a healthy life.