• SMACO continues its efforts  Enter the Canton Fair Again

    The 127th China Import and Export Fair in 2020 ("Canton Fair") will be grandly opened in mid-April. Each session of the Canton Fair can attract outstanding products and outstanding businesse

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  • SMACO Brand Establishment and Future Target

    SMACO brand was established in 2013, as the leader of aquatic sports products, has been adhering to the purpose of "healthy sports, close to nature, feel life, create happiness", so that everyone who loves sports and life can enjoy the happiness experience brought by SMACO. It has been sold online in China, United States, European Union and Australia etc countries, and it has made proud achievements.

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  • Underwater respirator series strong upgrade, complete 5 to 20 minutes span!

    Since SMACO S300 underwater respirator came on the market, it has gained recognition. Thank you for your support and love. In order to solve the problem of insufficient underwater time, SMACO launched S300+ (6 ~12 minutes), S400+ (15~ 20 minutes), S500 (10~ 15 minutes) successively in April, May and July, 2019. ) Series products. (The actual length of time varies with changes in vital capacity, depth of water, temperature and pressure.) S300 Plus adds decompression bin and constant pressure gas on the basis of S300 to make the air flow out Averagely &smoothly, and the service time is increased by more than 20%.

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  • A Technological Innovation on full face snorkel Mask: U-BACK Respiratory System

    SMACO was granted a patent on March 27, 2018 for the utility model of a single-in single-out snorkeling mask.This patent is through the use of dual-track breathing tube, and with the first one-way valve plate and the second one-way valve plate, to form a one-way in and one-way out circulation structure, the intake and exhaust are completely separated

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  • Respirator S300 - Underwater diving up to 10 minutes

    There have many people who yearn for the sea and want to know and feel by diving. But because the traditional diving method is difficult to operate, unless instructed by professional coaches, it is very difficult for beginners to complete diving. So SMACO has developed the underwater respirator S300 in particular. After experiencing many difficulties, the first generation. The water lung respirator S300 was finally launched in June, 2018, and achieved good results in November

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  • Dive Your Own Way with Bonaire’s Carib Inn

    As soon as you step off the plane onto the island of Bonaire, you’ll find the signs that the island is tailor-made for divers: red-and-white flags fluttering over dive shops; yellow stones along the roadside marking dive sites; license plates inscribed with the words “Divers Paradise.”

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  • Nation’s First Underwater Veterans Memorial Opens in Florida

    The nation’s first underwater dive memorial is officially open to the public. Located about 10 miles off Clearwater, Florida, the Circle of Heroes dive site pays respect to veterans and those who currently serve in the U.S. armed forces.

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  • Monterey Bay Aquarium Volunteer Marv Tuttle Named Sea Hero

    First certified at 21, after he returned home from the Vietnam War, Marv Tuttle had been out of the water for years when a 1998 motorcycle accident seemed to end his diving for good. But that was just the beginning. Tuttle, who is the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s first wheelchair-using volunteer diver, is participant coordinator for the aquarium’s Days of Discovery

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