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SMACO S300Plus 0.7Liter Scuba Diving Tank Equipment, Mini Scuba Dive Cylinder with 12-16 Minutes Capability


$ 299.00

Smaco Sports Goods Co.,Ltd.

    SMACO Scuba Diving Cylinder is a must-have in every diver's gear bag. We have created SMACO Mini Dive Tank to allow everyone to breathe normally underwater for several mimutes regardless of the application and be able to fill himself his own breath system.

    【Portable Design】Perfect size for stage, bailout. Smaco scuba diving tank doesn’t add any drag even if you have to carry the tank a long way, and it gives you great access to the valve and regulator. You won’t feel the Smaco Pony Bottle underwater, it’s very light and compact with their own sophisticated compact regulators. Its compact size makes easier to carry and helps you capture the freshness of the air wherever you need it.

    【Hands-Free Dive With Durable Mouthpiece】Scuba Diving Tank  is very easy to use, you simply palce the bite-mouthpiece into your mouth and you have hands free to swim underwater. With 10 minutes capacity, you have no difficulty making your ascent to the surface or the boat. Making the right tank choice can significantly improve your diving enjoyment.

    【Pressure& Corrosion Resistant】The entire body made of aerospace aluminium alloys better resists internal corrosion and stands up well to damage. Smaco cylinders are relatively small, yet very strong containers that hold large volumes of compressed gas. Make sure you get prepared on your next dive with one of our air tanks made from high-strength aluminium alloys.

    【Easy to Refill】Specific Refillable Design saves the trouble of taking the device apart to fill your tank. Beside, Smaco Scuba Diving Equipment endows with a pressure gauge, so tank pressure can be easily read by your dive buddy.  The luminescent face and color-coded pressure levels make for quick reading & utility for all diving situations.

    【Multiple Uses】One of the great things about Smaco Scuba Dive Cylinder is that they are not limited to a specific area of your diving. Smaco pony bottle can be used more than for just for shallow diving. If you already have your main unit and are looking for a self-rescue emergency backup, Smaco diving equipment is a good choice.

What's in the package: 

      See package description

    Refill Your Bailout Pony Bottle:

1. A special high pressure hand pump very simply to use can fill entirely the tank anywhere you are

2. Another classic scuba tank (need a little adapter called "filling station" to transfer the air) 

3. A mini electric compressor can save trouble.

Smaco Sports Goods Co.,Ltd.

Smaco Sports Goods Co.,Ltd.

Item Name: SMACO S300Plus Mini Scuba Oxygen Tank 
Material: Aviation aluminum/PC/ food grade silicone
Product size: 37.2 cm height x 6.5 cm dia.
Pressure: 3000 psi/200 bar
Capacity: 0.7L

What's in the package: 

                           1  X  SMACO S300 Scuba Diving Tank Equipment with mouthpiece

                           1  X  Portable Bag

                           1  X  Anti-lose Rope

                           1  X  New Generation Hand Pump

                           1  X  Premium Cloth Suitcase