Every user has different questions about the same scuba diving gear and equipment . We have combined surveys of thousands of customers and listed some of the most common problems, one by one giving a professional response. You are welcome to make good suggestions.

1、Diving Tanks

How to inflate the bottle?

    Three kinds of charging ways
    1. Special high pressure (≥3000 psi) manual inflate pump. Please note if you need to inflate the tank to fully state, you have to press the pump app. 600 times.
    2. Choose our scuba adapter, then inflated by a large oxygen cylinder.
    3. Special high pressure (≥3000 psi) electric inflatable pump.

How long are these devices in use?

    The use time is determined by the breathing pattern of the individual and the model of the cylinder.

For example:

1、S300 Series:About 6-10 minutes;

2、S300Plus Series:About 8-12 minutes;

3、S400 / S400Plus Series:About 12-16 minutes;

4、S500 Series:About 10-14 minutes.

What is the ultimate depth of the equipment?

    This product is suitable for recreational diving gas source within 10 meters. Do not try to use it as a gas source in deeper waters.

What are the conditions for using SMACO diving tank?

    Before using this product, It is strongly recommended that you be trained or certified by a recognized certification body in scuba diving technology. 

What to pay attention to when using this product?

    Inflate the product before use and check the product for damage or leakage. Never use products that are damaged, leaking, or showing signs of performance failure.The maximum canning pressure of this product is 3000PSI, and it can't be used for gases containing more than 40% oxygen. Please use clean and dry compressed air.

Can I disassemble myself?

    SMACO diving tank is a high-precision product. Please do not disassemble this product at will. Unauthorized disassembly and assembly of this product may damage the product.

2、Full Face Snorkel Mask

How to choose the sizes?

    Firstly, Measure the length from the Eye to Chin.
    If the length less than 13.5cm, Choose size S/M (Suitable for Junior and Adult Woman).
    If the length equal with or over 13.5cm, Choose size L/XL (Suitable for Adult Men) .

Can diving masks use a camera?

    Equipped with camera mount, easily attached to GoPro camera.

what are the features of diving masks?

    Drain valve and dry top design for draining away the water by raising up your head -when water leaking
    Distribution earplugs 1 pair, easier to use
    Detachable breathing tube design with a storing bag, easy to carry and storage
    High definition, anti-fog, breakage-proof and 180-degree wide view mask
    Adjustable elastic fabric headband design, suitable for all kinds of head shape
    Suitable for both adults and kids, more practical and useful
    Material: liquid silicone and PC
    Ideal for diving, swimming, snorkeling and other underwater activities.